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We’re a world-class team of diverse individuals who are here to do great work, as well as be great to work with. We collaborate with ambitious (but humble) partners and individuals.

Our Mantra

Give the people what they want

Our Purpose

We Exist In Order To Protect Their World

We help protect people’s incomes, lifestyles, and financial wellbeing by creating brands they can connect with. Once trust is earned, we educate, entertain, and improve people’s financial literacy. We work hard to provide guidance that is easy to understand and actionable.

We help build wealth, protect legacies, and financially secure people in some of their darkest times. Not many companies can say that. Whether our focus on our culture or partnering with financial institutions, we’re deeply rooted in sharing our passion.

We want to bring people joy and security through what we do.

Advantage: Our Team


Our Team

New Alturas is an organization without limits. We have created an environment where you may carve out your own path and be supported by the team around you. We all benefit from each other’s knowledge, and we all have the ability to have a direct effect on the people we get to serve.

While you are on your own path, many on the team will be glad to help you along the way. You’ll get individualized support while working towards your goals without a manager hovering over your shoulder.  This allows us to keep our structure relatively flat while still ensuring that we’re all engaged in each other’s success.

The individuals that do best as part of our team, are those that want to make a positive difference in others’ lives. The work we do is challenging but well worth it.

Enjoy What You Do.
Every Step of the Way

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At New Alturas, we believe that it takes a broad spectrum of identities, cultures, and life experiences to help enhance peoples’ financial worlds. Our ultimate north star is to find professionals that truly care.

Currently, no new openings. However, if you believe you are that person, we want to hear from you. Just shoot us an intro email at hello@newalturas.com – subject line: new talent.


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